nabi DreamTab

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  • Wings Learning System

    The first tablet-based adaptive learning system built for skill set mastery in math, reading and writing, and for
    building confidence.

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  • Dream Pro Studio

    Dream Pro Studio is a powerful suite of creative tools that teach your children how to draw, animate, author their own books and edit movies like a pro!

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  • nabi Konnect

    The first tablets to receive TRUSTe certification for COPPA compliance, and with a parent-approved, friend network just for kids.

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  • nabi Utilities

    nabi Utilities is a suite of applications that teaches kids how to read time, understand weather, and manage a calendar.

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  • Dual Modes

    The first tablets with two modes: nabi Mode is a safe zone for kids and Parent Mode is the standard Android experience that only you have access to.

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  • Time Controls

    Time Controls allows parents to set limits for daily tablet use, individual app use, and create rules for earning extra time.

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  • nabi Coins & Treasure Box

    Reward your kid with nabi Coins, and let them purchase their own movies, music, games, and apps in an app store curated just for them.

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  • Chore List

    Easily assign and manage chores from a predefined list of chores, or create your own, and then reward your kid with nabi Coins when they complete them.

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  • Google Play

    Access to over one million apps including movies, videos and music. Also, includes 17 of your favorite Google apps such as: Gmail, Chrome, Google Maps and Google Messenger.

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  • Blue Morpho OS

    nabi OS 3.0, “Blue Morpho,” starts with Android KitKat and
    adds over 400 kid-focused, parent-approved features.

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DreamTab lets your child fly the creative flag.

The nabi DreamTab is so much more than just a tablet. It’s the key to an unprecedented level of creative freedom, artistic license, and pure, unadulterated joy that comes from bringing your vision to life, whether it’s an animated drawing, a self-authored eBook, or an ingeniously edited two-minute movie of your family’s typical Tuesday. DreamTab is the first and only tablet to feature Dream Pro Studio, a suite of drawing, editing and animating tools created in collaboration with the creative minds at DreamWorks Animation. It comes with more than 400 kid-focused, parent-approved features designed to empower, educate and inspire your child. Now, it’s his or her turn to show the world what they can do.

Dream Pro Studio.

Think of it as a Creative Genius Starter Kit.

Kids wear a lot of hats these days: Club-joiner, homework-doer, sport-practicer and time commitment-juggler, to name a few. To ensure that inventor, explorer, dreamer and out-of-the-box thinker didn’t get lost in the mix, we partnered with the animators, filmmakers and innovators at DreamWorks – the studio behind the “Shrek,” and “Kung Fu Panda” movies – to create Dream Pro Studio. It’s our exclusive suite of creative tools that teach your children how to author and draw their own books, animate their own films and edit like a pro. Yes, it teaches fine motor skills, problem solving and non-linear thinking. Yes, it is an incredible value. But the most important thing about DreamTab, is not what it can do on its own, but what your kids can do with it.