nabi Jr.

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  • Wings Learning System

    The first tablet-based adaptive learning system built for skill set mastery in math, reading and writing, and for
    building confidence.

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  • Dual Modes

    The first tablets with two modes: nabi Mode is a safe zone for kids and Parent Mode is the standard Android experience that only you have access to.

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  • nabi Coins & Treasure Box

    Reward your kid with nabi Coins, and let them purchase their own movies, music, games, and apps in an app store curated just for them.

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  • Chore List

    Easily assign and manage chores from a predefined list of chores, or create your own, and then reward your kid with nabi Coins when they complete them.

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  • nabi Sync + Cloud

    Transfer, backup, and sync your files wherever you are, wirelessly and effortlessly.

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  • Monarch OS

    nabi OS 2.0, “Monarch,” starts with Android and adds over 150 kid-focused, parent-approved features.

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nabi Jr. ensures that your child isn’t just old enough for Preschool. They’re prepared.

There’s a lot of talk these days about making learning fun. At nabi, we certainly support the notion that kids should enjoy their academic exploration. But we also realize there are a series of very clear, very specific core fundamentals a child must master in order to succeed in Kindergarten. And we believe that for both their academic growth as well as their self-confidence, it’s vital that they grasp these reading, writing and math concepts before entering elementary school. Which is why we created nabi Jr. It’s the ultimate full-featured learning tablet built just for kids to learn, discover, and grow. Like your tablet, nabi Jr. was designed as a tool, not as a toy. nabi Jr. is powered by a dual-core processor, including 4GB storage, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and rotating front and back camera. It comes preloaded with Wings First Steps, proprietary age-appropriate lessons that help your child master skill sets and build core fundamentals in math, reading and writing. Parents can check progress with N-Site, a program that allows parents to monitor time spent, proficiency gains and identify trouble spots. And even little kids can learn to be responsible and make good choices with nabi Coins, Chore List and Treasure Box.

To create nabi Jr, we assembled an elite team of educational experts, developers and designers
who spent countless hours developing the only tablet that ensures your preschooler has the required reading, writing and math skill set mastery to hit Kindergarten running. You know, if running were allowed.

Make an educated choice.

When you choose nabi Jr. over a toy tablet, you’re choosing a fast, powerful, full-featured Android tablet that’s designed to educate, entertain and delight your preschooler and make sure he or she is fully prepared for kindergarten. We’ve preloaded the tablet with apps, games, music and eBooks. There’s a rotating front and rear camera, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and a rechargeable battery, plus an app store, cloud storage and more. We know this will probably be your little one’s first experience with technology, and we take that responsibility seriously. Because when your preschooler goes on to do amazing things, we hope they will remember who helped put them on the path to greatness.

Why you’ll love nabi Jr.

As a parent, there’s a lot to love about nabi Jr. It’s not a toy. So there are no cartridges to buy or batteries to replace. Sideload and get anything you want…from e-Books to Angry Birds, to Netflix to Skype. Wings will give your pre-schooler a head start in Math, Reading, and Writing fundamentals with its personalized and effective learning system. Your kid will learn to be responsible and make good decisions with nabi Coins, Chore List, and Treasure Box.