• nabi Coins & Treasure Box

    Reward your kid with nabi Coins, and let them purchase their own movies, music, games, and apps in an app store curated just for them.

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  • Chore List

    Easily assign and manage chores from a predefined list of chores, or create your own, and then reward your kid with nabi Coins when they complete them.

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  • nabi Sync + Cloud

    Transfer, backup, and sync your files wherever you are, wirelessly and effortlessly.

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  • Google Play

    Access to over one million apps including movies, videos and music. Also, includes 17 of your favorite Google apps such as: Gmail, Chrome, Google Maps and Google Messenger.

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  • Monarch OS

    nabi OS 2.0, “Monarch,” starts with Android and adds over 150 kid-focused, parent-approved features.

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A fast, lean homework machine for tweens.

A “tween” is defined as a person between the ages of 10 and 12. We like to take a looser interpretation, and think of “tween” as that brief, magical stopgap between child and young adult. With thousands of awesome console-quality games and movies on a wider, high-definition screen, as well as sophisticated computing features to meet the homework needs of a more mature student, nabi XD is the ideal, ultraportable first computing solution for your tween.

A smarter way to do homework.

Set your tween up for academic success with the only tablet purposefully designed to help them with their homework. It comes pre-loaded with spreadsheet, word processing and presentation software that works with other types of documents, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and more, for mind-blowing reports that make a lasting impression. Plus, it features a library of over 200,000 eTextbooks from Kno, an engaging, efficient and social way to learn. Accessorize with an optional keyboard and trackpad, and your kid becomes an unstoppable homework machine. At least until the phone rings.

An unparalleled entertainment experience.

Not that your tween is picky.

Tweens have high standards, and we respect that. nabi XD offers console-quality games and movies in high-definition, on an amazing 10.1 inch, high resolution screen. It delivers a rich, dynamic and immersive HD gaming experience, packing all the power of a big screen into an ultraportable, performance dynamo. A description that may just suit your tween, as well.

Finally. Something you and
your tween can agree on.

As a parent, you can feel good about giving your tween a nabi XD. It combines the best of a notebook and a tablet PC, at an incredibly reasonable price. It’s everything you love about nabi 2 and nabi Jr. – power performance, preloaded apps and games, Chore List, and Treasure Box – in a sleek aluminum design with a larger display. And with Google Mobile Services, you and your tween can access Google apps, like Google Search, Google Maps, Gmail and more. Perfect for researching school projects. Or for mom’s coffee break.*

*Features will vary based on nabi XD model.

Middle school, meet high tech.

nabi XD is a sleek, aluminum and glass Android tablet for big kids who enjoy and appreciate big screen viewing. It features a front and rear facing camera, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and a rechargeable battery, and comes with its own app store, cloud storage and syncing software. Designed with a beautiful 10.1-inch multi-touch display, stereo speakers and microphone, it’s built to entertain, and the fast, powerful NVIDIA Tegra 3 mobile processor offers a console-quality gaming experience. It’s a huge performance from a perfectly portable device, and we think you and your tween will be mightily impressed.

Why should I choose nabi XD over nabi 2
or nabi Jr.?

nabi XD is made for “big kids”. It has a 10.1 inch, 1366 x 768 high-resolution screen for playing console-quality games and watching movies in high-definition. If your kid doesn’t need a big screen then consider buying a nabi 2 or nabi Jr. instead.