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Where can I find the free books?

nabi comes preloaded with an app called MeeGenius. MeeGenius is both an eReader and an eBook Store, containing 30 preloaded FREE books. Some of these free books include titles such as “Pinocchio,” “The Jungle Book,” “Peter Pan,” “Cinderella” and much more.

In order to access your free books, please go to nabi™ Mode and tap MeeGenius. The first time you open the app, the 30 free books will download automatically if you are connected to Wi-Fi. Tap a book and it will start reading out loud automatically. Please make sure your volume is up. To read the book by yourself, simply tap Read it Myself.

MeeGenius also allows you to browse and purchase additional titles. To purchase additional books, visit You’ll need to register for an account or Sign In to an existing account. You can download your purchased books on nabi. In the MeeGenius app, tap Account, Sign In to your MeeGenius account then tap Sync.

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