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It's the "I didn't lose it, I just can't find it" Solution.

Charging Cables

Conveniently charge or sync your nabi Jr, nabi 2S or nabi XD without having to be near a computer or wall outlet. The cables are made with a braided fabric design that’s durable and keeps charger cables tangle-free. 4' and 10' options.

It's the "Poof! It's a monitor" Solution.

nabi Stand

Look mom, no hands! Watch movies, shows and videos, and share the moment with family and friends.

It's the "But I already washed my hands" Solution.

nabi Screen Protector

Protects your nabi display from scratches and sticky fingers. Polished, crystal clear surface provides high-resolution clarity without affecting the display’s touch screen sensitivity.

It’s the "Where do I plug in my USB?" Solution.

nabi USB On-The-Go Adapter

The nabi USB On-the-Go Adapter allows you to plug in your USB storage device to your nabi tablet for easy access to your saved photos and videos. Works with all nabi tablets with the nabi Connector port.