Our Approach

Learn. Play. Grow. For Life.

A tablet is a great tool for your child’s development. However, as with anything you give your kids, you want it to be safe, educational, fun, and rewarding.

As parents ourselves, we utilized "Learn. Play. Grow. For Life." as the filter set to guide our development of the nabi.


Practice makes perfect.

Learning is more than just digesting the facts. It's a process that requires tenacious practice, mastery of core fundamentals, incremental feedback, and rewards. This is why we built Fooz Kids University, an integrated learning system that combines these fundamentals into one incredible solution.


nabi's innovative learning system was built to ensure your child is on the path to educational success through disciplined mastery of the common core state standards in Math, Science, English and Social Studies for grades K-5.


As parents, we always want a benchmark for our children's progress in academics. nabi's online report card, N-SITE, provides you with instant metrics and analytics on your child's time spent, proficiencies and trouble spots…insight matters.


Learning is hard work. It is repetitive in nature and can be discouraging at times. nabi's Treasure Box motivates your child by rewarding them with games, apps, music, videos and accessories for lesson mastery.

Nothing is fun until you're good at it. learn


Deliver rich and engaging experiences.

Games, music, television and movies made right, just for kids, with the stuff they know and love. Console-quality HD gaming, top billboard music and videos of their favorite characters, safe, kid-friendly and endlessly entertaining…nabi is the ultimate in entertainment for kids.


Over 9,000 kid-friendly albums of the songs they know and love. And yes, over 19 million tracks from all genres for you. Spinlets+ Music is the most comprehensive music solution, safe for kids and fun for you. Feel free to let your kids browse the kids store and then enter in the password protected music store for you.


With the power of the NVIDIA® graphics processor, discover the most immersive and vivid gaming experience on a tablet. nabi comes preloaded with 8 HD games, such as: Riptide GP, Bang Bang Racing, Hockey Nations and Jett Tailfin Racers.


Saturday morning shows… always on. Spinlets+ TV delivers the best of Cookie Jar shows with over 700 hours of kid-safe entertainment, featuring: "Strawberry Shortcake," "Paddington Bear," "Sonic the Hedgehog," "The Busy World of Richard Scarry," "Madeline," and more.

Enjoy endless and engaging experiences. Play


Teach children to make the right choices.

As parents, we can start teaching our children to make the right choices and be responsible for their decisions. As children grow, so do the number of choices they have to make. Making a choice requires a balance of self-confidence and the mental ability to think through the consequences of one's decisions. nabi's Chore List and Treasure Box assists parents in teaching children how to make the right choices.

nabi™ Chore List

Teach children how to manage priorities and be responsible

Parental Dashboard

Control and manage websites and videos your children can access on their nabi

nabi™ Treasure Box

Reward good behavior and teach money management

Making the right choices, not limiting them. Grow

For Life.

Solutions, not features.

Faster, thinner, higher resolution and more powerful are all good things that matter. However, it's when technology is invisible and second to the solutions it provides, that it becomes a part of your life. nabi™ Sync, nabi™ Cloud and Over the Air Updates… nabi, made for life!

nabi™ Sync

Easy file transfer

nabi™ Cloud

Simple file sharing and syncing (drag and drop)

OTA Update

Easy upgrades and updates

Products should make your life easier. Life