the first all-in-one,
voice-controlled smart baby monitor
that grows with your child.

*Power cord not shown in image

It could be the most exciting thing toymaker Mattel has ever produced...

They are calling this an Alexa for kids, but that kind of undersells it.

A combination baby monitor, Amazon Echo, smart light, Bluetooth speaker, sound machine, and baby soother, the Aristotle is truly making the nursery smart.

All-In-One. Everything a nursery needs meets everything a parent wants.

You need to prepare for the arrival of your little one. But there's so much more to consider. If only you could join the various nursery essentials into one! Aristotle combines your baby monitor, nightlight, speaker, camera and sound machine into one simple solution!

With this camera, it's all in the details.

Aristotle delivers real-time HD quality video, right to your smartphone or tablet.

*Power cord not shown in image

One app does it all.

The ultimate in baby care -- at your fingertips. On the Aristotle App, stay connected to your baby with real-time HD video. Aristotle can help soothe your baby with automatic nightlight, lullabies and sleep sounds as you make your way to the nursery using customized "DO this WHEN" formulas. It will also conveniently track your baby's feeding, sleeping and changing patterns.

Always in range.

The Aristotle app allows you freedom from an in-home dedicated monitor, which means you can keep a close eye and ear on your little one from your smart device. Watch from outside the nursery, outside the home, or even out of state.

Nursery automation, made easy.

Personalize Aristotle’s responses using "DO this WHEN" formulas, a series of reactions to things your baby does. For example, when your baby cries, a soft nightlight and the sound of the ocean automatically turn on to soothe your child, as you make your way to the nursery.

Get real-time alerts.

Receive notifications to alert you when baby is crying using our cry detection technology and reminders for other baby activities you want to know in real time.

Keep track of what matters.

Log your baby's daily activities like feeding, sleeping and diaper changes through the app or by telling Aristotle using your voice. You can even keep track of your baby's growth and check your baby's weight and height percentile. Store and access your data remotely from anywhere to keep track of your baby's progress.

You take care of the important things. Like cuddling.
Let Aristotle take care of the rest.

Aristotle responds to voice commands to give you hands-free convenience. Turn on changing lights, play lullabies, or white noise, all without lifting a finger. Aristotle leaves your hands free for what matters - your baby. Let Aristotle know when you're feeding, pumping or putting baby down all by voice.

Safe & Secure

Every detail of Aristotle was crafted with a parent's view of safety and security. Aristotle has an array of parental controls in place, and has been designed from a security-first position to ease any concerns about kids' data collection and privacy.

"DO this WHEN"
- The Perfect Formula

Automation is truly made easy with "DO this WHEN" formulas, a series of customizable responses. When your baby cries, turn the nightlight to 50% brightness and play a lullaby at volume 3. It's that simple.

Child Development
& Learning

More than just a baby monitor, we aspire to expand the Aristotle solution into the important area of child development and learning. Especially as your child grows or as your family expands.

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