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For the next generation of creative heroes

Nabi DreamTab Inspiration and Tools for Creative Minds.

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The Creative Genius Starter Kit.

It’s a powerful suite of creative tools that help kids develop self-expression and identity through creativity.

Builds Confidence and a Passion for Learning Through Skill Set Mastery.

Wings Learning System has gamified courseware designed to help children master fundamentals. It features over 300,000 questions and 16,000 lessons aligned to Common Core State Standards (CCSS).

Balance Screen Time with Comprehensive Time Controls.

nabi Time Controls lets parents manage appropriate screen time, enforced by fun, animated character videos. You can create rules for when to power on/off, individual app usage time, activity time, physical play time as well as Time Rewards that earn children more play time by engaging in learning time.

Safe Discovery for Kids. Peace of Mind for Parents.

In kid-safe nabi Mode, kids have complete access to parent-approved apps, games and content. Parent Mode is where you’ll find Parental Controls and access to the stock Android experience.

A Reward System that Encourages Good Choices.

Teach your children to manage their time and make responsible choices. Exclusive apps like Chore List and Treasure Box give children real incentives for making good decisions.

Introducing "My First" Social Network Experience.

nabi Friends and nabi Konnect are parent-monitored, social experiences made just for kids. Their profiles are never searchable, and they can only connect with others by using a unique friend code. They can safely chat, send email or share photos with other parent-approved nabi Friends.