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DJ quality / Kid Safe

Mind-Blowing Sound Quality, Yet Safe for the Ears.

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Dual Modes.

The first headphones to have two listening modes. One for kids, the other for parents. Both sound amazing, but kids ears are protected in nabi Mode which limits sound to 80dB.

DJ Quality Headphones.

nabi Headphones feature the same incredible sound quality of premium adult headphones, but at a fraction of the cost.

Made For Kids' Heads As Well As Ears.

nabi Headphones are ergonomically designed to fit kids. Plus ultra-soft, customizable ear cups and an adjustable headband, so you know that your child is listening in comfort.

Made To Fit Personalities Too.

nabi Headphones transform into whatever your kids are into. With KINABIs and wraps based on current popular themes, kids can make their headphones their own.