nabi Utilities

  • nabi Clock

    Helps kids learn how to tell time.

  • nabi Calendar

    Helps teach kids the concept of days, weeks, months with scheduled activities.

  • nabi Weather

    Gives kids the weather and helps them understand what it means.

nabi Clock

nabi Clock helps kids learn how to tell time and develop time management skills. They can check their local time or learn about other time zones. Or they can use the timer or stopwatch to set time limits for activities like reading, brushing their teeth or exercising.

nabi Calendar

nabi Calendar helps teach kids the concept of days, weeks, months and years with fun and interactive ways to schedule upcoming activities, events and holidays.

nabi Weather

With Chore List, it’s easy to create and manage chores from a predefined list of chores, or kids can help create their own.

Completed tasks earn a parent-determined amount of nabi Coins, which are redeemable in Treasure Box for apps, games, movies and more.