Wings Learning System

  • Wings First Steps

    The ideal solution for head-start learning, covering grades PreK–K.

  • Wings Classroom

    Video-based instruction and tutorial solution, featuring real teachers.

  • Wings N-Site

    Real-time usage reports with grade-based assessments of your child’s proficiency levels.

Wings First Steps

Wings First Steps is the ideal package for early learning. It comes with the complete Pre-Kindergarten curriculum in math, reading and writing – a full year’s worth of skill set mastery or 1450 free lessons.

First Steps also includes a sample of 200 assessment problems for Kindergarten courseware in english and math.

Wings Classroom

Wings Classroom transforms the nabi Jr learning tablet into a video-based, instructional and tutorial solution featuring teacher videos that walk children through core concepts.

Teacher videos provide instant feedback for your child on questions that were answered incorrectly.

Wings N-Site

Wings N-Site is a real-time reporting tool that gives you grade-based assessments of your child's proficiency levels, usage reports, and practice recommendations on how to improve trouble spots.