Fuhu Announces the Launch of nabi Pass, Bundles of Good for Your Brain, Kid-Friendly Content Subscription Service

nabi Pass Includes Music, Movies, TV, Shorts, E-books, Apps, Games and Features Wings Unlimited, a Comprehensive and Personalized Learning System Built for Skill Set Mastery in Math, Reading and Writing for Pre-K to 6th Grade; Everything You Need for Your nabi Tablet and Child All for Only $4.99 Monthly

December 04, 2014

EL SEGUNDO, CA--(Marketwired - Dec 4, 2014) - Fuhu, Inc., the creator of the award-winning nabi® tablet and the foremost innovator in technology for kids and their families, announced the introduction of nabi Pass , a first-of-its-kind subscription service created and curated specifically for kids ranging from 3-14, to provide a deep offering of a vast array of mixed media content -- from movies, television shows and short form videos, to apps, games and e-books. Additionally, for the first time ever with any media subscription service, nabi Pass gives subscribers access to Wings Unlimited a comprehensive and personalized learning system that includes Wings Challenges, Wings N-Site and Wings Classroom.

  • Wings Challenges - An adaptive learning solution that personalizes courseware to your child's proficiency across math, reading and writing and leverages game mechanics to motivate your child to practice to achieve skill set mastery in key subjects. Unlike other single skill learning apps, Wings Challenges is a comprehensive learning system aligned with Common Core State Standards across required fundamentals, topics and lessons in math, reading and writing featuring over 300,000 questions and over 16,000 lessons from Pre-K to 6 th grade. Whether your child is trying to get a head start in school or struggling, Wings Unlimited is the perfect solution to give them a passion for learning.

  • Wings N-Site - A parental analytics tool that give parents grade-based assessments of their child's proficiency levels, usage reports, proficiency assessments and recommendations.

  • Wings Classroom - A video-based instructional and tutorial solution that walks your child through topics and questions that were answered incorrectly.

Designed to build confidence, skill set mastery and passion for learning, Wings adaptive learning system is the most comprehensive learning solution in the market.

In addition, nabi Pass features an engaging, easily navigable user interface with programming that has been carefully curated for "good for the brain" content spanning several media categories to enrich and inspire kids based on their age and interests. Unlike other services, nabi Pass not only features Wing Unlimited educational solution, but also focuses on content that is not only entertaining but also educational. Although nabi Pass includes Tier 1 content, it's content mix is heavily weighed on videos, e-books, apps and games that teach your children about nature, animals, geography, dinosaurs, values and interactivity. A wide-range of how-to content will encourage children to learn how to master new skills based on their interest. This will include content designed for kids to interact with while they try their hand at such things as cooking, making crafts and sports. Finally, unlike other content services, nabi Pass isn't a library of content that remains the same month to month but a continually changing set of content curated to introduce your children to new content to promote discovery versus constant replay.

"With the help of our globally renowned content partners, we have created a multi-media, `all you can eat' subscription service purposely curated to deliver deep and enriching content that is not only entertaining but good for the brain," said Jim Mitchell, CEO of Fuhu. "Kids consume content in very different ways than adults. They like to discover new things and jump back and forth from watching programming, to playing games, to reading and learning about exciting new topics. With nabi Pass, we are providing a platform for them to learn and explore -- and in turn give them the access to the type of content that will not only entertain them but also help them learn new skills that show the world how amazing they can be."

Fuhu has attracted an impressive line-up of launch partners who are providing a wide range of content for nabi Pass. This includes content partners such as National Geographic Kids, DreamWorks Animation and Cupcake Digital. The cutting-edge subscription service also features a vast music library from Walt Disney Records -- who will serve as the exclusive music provider for the service -- offering users free full song streams and 30 second track previews.  Fuhu will continue to add new partners to its subscription service.  This will include an all-new interactive animated mystery series -- that bridges Hollywood entertainment and gaming -- created by one of today's foremost television creators/executive producers.

In the coming months, Fuhu will further enhance nabi Pass with an ever-expanding variety of new and regularly changing content and advanced navigation tools. Additionally, Fuhu will continue to develop niche vertical channels that bring together all types of related cross platform content featured on the service (i.e. nabi Sports, nabi Food).

nabi Pass at launch will be comprised of such standout content as:

  • Walt Disney Records - The exclusive music provider to nabi Pass, will provide hundreds of songs from current and classic properties from film and TV including "Frozen," "The Little Mermaid," "Teen Beach Movie," "Sofia the First" and many more. Fans will have unlimited access to song previews, in addition to full streams per month.

  • National Geographic Kids - The leader in nonfiction programming for kids will provide episodic and long form video including acclaimed series Toot and Puddle , Mama Mirabelle and Are We There Yet?

  • Cupcake Digital - One of the leading children's app developers will share their portfolio of deluxe storybooks, imaginative play and learning apps featuring favorite characters including Kung Fu Panda, Madagascar, RIO, Smurfs, Turbo, Biscuit, Ice Age and many more.

  • Saturday Evening Post/Curtis - EZine articles from popular kids' magazines Humpty Dumpty and Jack and Jill will be accessible on nabi Pass.

  • Paws, Inc. - Kids will be able to read E-books and eZine articles featuring the iconic cartoon feline, Garfield.

  • Nelvana - Leading kids' television producer will provide long form videos and movies, featuring the literary classic Babar and others.

Fuhu will continue to add new partners to its subscription service over the next coming months.

nabi Pass is available exclusively on Fuhu's family of nabi tablets including, best-selling nabi 2, award-winning nabi DreamTab HD8 and the recently launched, category-defining, nabi Big Tab HD 20" and 24" for the low monthly fee of $4.99.

Fuhu has established multiple categories in the kids' tech space with its high-end integrated software enabled hardware solutions, led by its best-selling nabi tablet -- the world's first full-featured Android tablet made just for kids. The game-changing nabi Pass subscription service extends Fuhu's mission to deliver purposeful and thoughtful experiences for kids and families into the realm of top notch content specifically designed to help kids explore and discover media that is age appropriate, educational, good for the brain, and engaging.

The launch of nabi Pass is taking place during what has been a banner year of prestigious accolades for Fuhu. Earlier this year, Inc. Magazine name Fuhu the #1 Fastest Growing in America for a second consecutive year, and Forbes named Fuhu the #1 Most Promising Company in America. Most recently, Fuhu was honored as the #1 Fastest Growing Company in North America in the Computer/Peripherals category on the Deloitte 2014 Technology 500™ list. Also, Fuhu was named a Kidscreen "Top 50" for being one of the top 10 digital media companies worldwide. This has been a stellar year for Fuhu with the debut of a number of highly anticipated product lines including the category-defining nabi Big Tab HD™ 20" and Full HD 24" and the nabi DreamTab™ HD8.