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What Our nabi Users Say About Us

Helene W.

I would like to say a huge thank you to Helene. You were so sweet and actually helped me. Thank you for sending my baby girl a new bumper in her favorite color, she is so happy and that just makes it even better! Thank you so much for all your help!"

Kayla, Midland, TX

Bobby W.

Bobby, thank you for your help! It’s people like you that make life so much easier for people like me! Thank you again!!!"

Lillian, Puerto Rico

Stephanie A.

Stephanie, the Happiness Ambassador, is a miracle worker! She asked the right questions and knew what to do to fix the problem. Most of all she was pleasant, patient, and professional. Can't get any sweeter than Stephanie!"

Lisa, Jackson, MI

Michael S.

I just had a great experience with my customer service representative. He went above and beyond to ensure that I got the most recent updates. Michael was very patient and friendly. If all of the representatives at nabi cares are as friendly as him, they could teach other companies a lesson or two!"

Zak, Atlanta, GA

Ryan K.

I want to say thank you to Ryan from the nabi cares team! He took the time to talk to me and make sure there wasn’t just “silent waiting time” on the phone. This was the most pleasant time I have ever had while calling a support team! So thank you for being awesome. You rock Ryan K!"

Candy, Washington D.C.

Shaniece P.

I want to send out a HUGE thank you to Shaniece for her excellent customer service and troubleshooting skills! She was very patient and personable while we figured out what happened to my son's nabi over the phone. I'll continue to purchase nabi products and highly recommend nabi to my friends! Thanks again!"

Nikole, Richmond, VA

Tanya M.

I want to thank nabi cares employee Tanya for assisting me! Her patience and friendliness show that nabi cares about their customers. I would recommend nabi products to everyone. Thanks again, Tanya!"

Robert, New York, NY

Glendale C.

Just wanted to say THANKS to Glendale! She is amazingly awesome and listened to all of my concerns. My niece is once again one with her nabi on this Christmas Eve. nabi and Glendale C. have definitely earned my respect! Many thanks!"

Latoya, Dallas, TX

Chigozie O.

Yesterday I called and I got a representative to help me and meet my needs. Thanks so much Chigozie for helping me and making sure got my tablet back."

Lala, Sacramento, CA

Julia M.

The customer service has been exceptional. I couldn't have asked for a better representative than Julia. She helped me set up the nabi and troubleshoot. The nabi performs very well!"

John, Wilmington, DE

Max M.

Max has helped my family more than anyone ever has. My three year old loves her nabi so much and my seven year old love her nabi 2 Nick Edition. My seven year old is on the autism spectrum and the Wings Challenge keeps her motivated to move on to the next level. So thanks for offering such top notch care!"

Melissa, Boston, MA

LaQueita O.

LaQueita really listened and understood to my needs due to the fact that she has kids herself! I purchased the nabi 2S because I trusted her recommendation! She truly was a pleasure to talk to especially because she spoke so I could understand her, instead of in computer lingo! Thank you LaQueita for being awesome!"

Betty, San Diego, CA

Essence J.

Whenever we need anything, Essence J. is so helpful! One time one of our nabi wasn't functioning like normal and it was very simple to get the right troubleshooting to resolve the issue. All nabi customer service is extremely nice and personable, but Essence is my personal hero!"

Lindsay, Washington, IN

Ernesto S.

Thank you for calming down a crazy, overworked parent! I know my son will enjoy his nabi when he receives it. Thank you again for your excellent customer service. I truly appreciate everything you did to improve this situation for my son and me!"

Flenence, Baltimore, MD