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Can I edit the Fooz Kids™ websites, videos and crafts on nabi?

You can add or remove content from Fooz Kids™ Web, Videos and Crafts. Tap Parental Dashboard and select nabi 2. Tap Edit under Fooz Kids™ List for the sections you want to edit. Next, check or uncheck each character to enable or disable the link.

You can also add websites, videos and crafts to your kid's account. To do so, scroll down to My Channel, and tap Add under each section you want to add content to. Next, use the built-in search function to find the content you want to add, then tap the green Add Button. Your child will see a My Channel icon under the sections where you added content. To remove content you added in My Channel, simply return to the section where you added it in Parental Dashboard and tap the gray Delete Button under the item that you want to remove.

Link back /support/products/nabi2#11

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