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Can I import my music into Spinlets+ Music?

You can import music into Spinlets+ Music from the Music app or with a MicroSD card or USB cable. This way, you can centralize all of your music and organize your songs in one place.

To import songs into Spinlets+ Music, tap My Music > Menu Key > Import My Music. Check the box next to Copy songs to Spinlets+ media folder to import and save all of your songs in Spinlets+ Music. Leave the box unchecked to access your songs from the Music app or from a MicroSD card without saving them in Spinlets+ Music. If you are using a MicroSD card and you leave the box unchecked, the songs will be inaccessible once you remove the MicroSD card.

Please note: If you check the box next to Copy songs to Spinlets+ media folder, all songs you have transferred will be imported and saved in nabi’s internal memory, taking up more storage space on nabi.

In addition, you can use nabi™ Sync, which is the easiest way to transfer music between nabi and your computer.

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