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How can I reorganize my home screen?

nabi allows you to customize apps on your home screen according to your preference. To reorganize apps on the home screen, tap and hold an app icon. While holding the app icon, drag it to a folder or to any open spot and drop it.

You can add and remove apps from the home screen. To add apps to the home screen, tap All Apps and select the desired app by tapping and holding it. Drag and drop the new app on any open spot or in a folder on the home screen. To remove an app from the nabi™ Mode home screen, tap and hold the app. Drag the app to Remove and drop it.

You can also create folders in both nabi™ Mode and Mommy/Daddy Mode. Folders are a great way to organize apps on the home screen. You can group several apps together in one folder by simply dragging and dropping one app icon onto another.

Create a folder: On a home screen panel, tap and hold an app you want to group, then drag and drop it on top of the app that you want to group it with. A folder will automatically be created. You can add additional apps to a folder by repeating the same steps.

Rename a folder: Tap and open the folder you want to rename. On the bottom of the open folder, tap Unnamed Folder and enter your preferred name for that folder.

Edit a folder: To remove apps from a folder, tap the folder to open it. Tap and hold the app you want to remove, and drag it to any open spot on the screen or to a different folder. Remove all apps in a folder to delete that folder.

Reorganize folders: Tap and hold the folder you would like to move, drag it to any open spot on the screen and drop it.

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