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How do I access Fooz Kids™ University and N-SITE?

Fooz Kids™ University is an award-winning learning program where your children can practice more than 2,500 lessons and 30,000 quiz questions aligned with classroom material for kindergarten to 5th grade. Fooz Kids™ University contains multiple subjects, located on the Fooz Kids™ University home screen: Math, English, Social Studies and Science.

N-SITE is more than just a report card. It gives you a detailed understanding of your child’s proficiency and areas of improvement. N-SITE displays report cards that show your child’s performance by topic and lesson, his or her progress, and trouble spots that pinpoint areas in which he or she is struggling. To monitor your child's progress in Fooz Kids™ University through N-SITE, simply access the Parental Dashboard, and click University N-SITE in the gray bar at the top. From here, you can access the N-SITE Report Cards, view detailed information and visual representations of your child's progress, trouble spots, total time spent and more.

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