Frequently Asked Questions

How do I buy and manage nabi™ Coins?

nabi™ Coins can be purchased and managed in App Zone in Mommy/Daddy Mode. To purchase nabi™ Coins, tap All Apps > App Zone > Account > Buy Coins. You can also purchase coins by tapping Buy nabi™ Coins on the bottom of the screen in App Zone. Select the amount of coins you would like to purchase and tap Buy Coins. The amount of nabi™ Coins in your account will display next to Balance.

You can add nabi™ Coins to your kid’s account so he or she can purchase apps and games in Treasure Box. To add coins to your kid’s account, tap the Plus Button next to your child’s name under Manage Coins. Tap Done when you are finished. Once you add coins to a kid’s account, they will be available immediately to spend in Treasure Box.

To assign nabi™ Coins as a reward in Chore List, make sure you have enough nabi™ Coins available in your account. You can check your account balance in App Zone under Balance.

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