Frequently Asked Questions

How do I buy apps in Treasure Box?

Kids can redeem their nabi™ Coins in Treasure Box. They can search among apps, games and more and choose which apps they would like to spend their nabi™ Coins on. This is where the purchasing and money management part comes into effect. Kids have to learn how to manage the coins they have by carefully choosing the apps they want to buy. Once they run out of nabi™ Coins, they will have to earn more coins in order to purchase additional apps or games.

To redeem nabi™ Coins, tap the app you would like to download, then tap Get It > Install Now. If there are not enough nabi™ Coins available in your account, a pop-up window will appear asking Mom to deposit more coins. To deposit more, tap Ask Mom, enter your parental password, then tap Buy Now.

Please note that apps purchased in Treasure Box will also appear in Mommy/Daddy Mode on the All Apps screen.

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