Frequently Asked Questions

How do I download apps in App Zone?

App Zone allows you to purchase and download apps directly onto your nabi. To purchase an app, select an app and tap the Price Button. You will be prompted to enter the parental password to make a purchase. After entering the parental password, you will not have to enter it again for another ten minutes, so you can purchase additional apps with one tap.

If you are prompted to Sign In to your App Zone account, Sign In using your nabi™ ID and password. If you did not enter your credit card information when you first set up your nabi, you can add it in App Zone under Account.

If you are having problems downloading an app, it may be do to a server issue or your Internet connection. Try to clear the data for App Zone. To clear the data, go to Mommy/Daddy Mode, tap All Apps > Settings > Apps > All > App Zone. Tap Clear cache > Clear data > Force stop. Try opening App Zone and downloading the app again. You will not be charged for re-downloading.

Link back /support/products/nabi2#11

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