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How do I download songs from Spinlets+ Music?

Prior to purchasing a song or album, you can listen to a 30-second preview. If you decide you want to purchase the song, tap the Price Button next to the song title, then tap Buy It. You can also tap the Price Button underneath the album to purchase the entire album. If you are not signed in to your 7digital account, you will be prompted to Sign In or create an account.

In nabi™ Mode: You will have to enter your Mommy/Daddy Mode password each time you want purchase a song or album.

In Mommy/Daddy Mode: You will not have to enter your password to purchase additional songs or albums for another ten minutes after entering your password and making a purchase.

After purchasing a song or album, Purchased will appear in place of the Price Button. To view the download status of a song, tap Show By > Purchased. Here, you can also re-download songs by tapping the green Download icon. A blue download status bar will appear next to the song, while it’s downloading. When the download is complete, the date of purchase will display.

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