Frequently Asked Questions

How do I extend the battery life of nabi?

To extend the battery life of your nabi, you can try the following tips and tricks from Mommy/Daddy Mode:

  1. Fully charge the battery for up to four hours when using your nabi for the first time and whenever the battery power is depleted.

  2. Lower the display brightness. To do this, tap All Apps > Settings > Display > Brightness and select a lower contrast.

  3. Turn Wi-Fi and/or Bluetooth off when not in use. To do this, tap All Apps > Settings > Wireless & networks and switch Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to Off.

  4. Certain apps may be draining excessive battery power, so if you are experiencing shorter battery life after downloading and running a specific application, try uninstalling the app.

  5. Only use the charger that came with nabi.

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