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How do I transfer files between nabi and my Mac with a Micro USB cable?

To transfer files between nabi and your Mac, using a Micro USB cable, please follow these steps:

  1. Plug the Micro USB cable from your computer to nabi.

  2. Tap USB Connected. Tap Camera (PTP) to transfer photos to/from nabi. Tap Media device (MTP) to transfer files other than photos.

  3. If you are transferring files for the first time, you will have to download the Android File Transfer software in order to transfer files, other than photo files, between your nabi and your Mac computer. Download the Android File Transfer software from the Android website: Skip to Step 8 if you have already downloaded this software.

  4. Then, click Download Now.

  5. When the download completes, double-click androidfiletransfer.dmg.

  6. In the Installer window, drag Android File Transfer to Applications.

  7. Double-click Applications > Android File Transfer on your computer to open it the first time (subsequently, it opens automatically when you connect nabi to your Mac).

  8. Next, look for a "Music," “Movies” or “Photos” folder, or create your own to organize the files you are saving on nabi. Select the files you would like to transfer from your computer to nabi by dragging and dropping them into a folder.

  9. Simply unplug nabi from the Micro USB cable when you are finished.

  10. Open the files by going to the Music or Gallery app on your nabi.

Link back /support/products/nabi2#10

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