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How do I transfer music, pictures, movies and other files to/from nabi?

There are 2 ways to transfers files to/from your nabi. You can either use the USB Cable or use a MicroSD card.

USB Cable (Included in the Box):

When using this method, all files you transfer will reside on nabis internal memory. To transfer files from your computer to/from nabi using the USB cable method, you won’t need to download any drivers to your computer, all you need to do is follow these step-by-step instructions:

  1. Plug the USB cable form your computer to nabi.

  2. Drag the Menu Bar from the top down on nabi.

  3. On nabi, tap on “USB connected” and “Turn on USB Storage”.

  4. Access your device through your computer:

    • If you are using Windows, a dialog box should appear asking you what you want to do with the new hardware, select “Open Device to View Files". If the box does not show up, you can go to Start Menu > My Computer > double click on Removable Disk “No Name”.

    • If you are using a Mac, click and open the new Disk “No Name”.

  5. Next, look for “Music”, “Movies”, “Photos” folder or create your own. Select the files you would like to add and drop them into the folder.

  6. Once all files have been transferred, safely remove your device:

    • If you are using Windows, click on “Safely Remove Hardware” on the bottom right side of your computer screen, then click on “USB Mass Storage” and click the “Stop” button.

    • If you are using a Mac, simply click the “Eject” button.

  7. On your nabi, drag the menu bar down again and tap “Turn off USB storage.”

  8. Try out the files by going to the “Music” or “Gallery” icons on your home screen on nabi.

MicroSD Card (Not included in the Box):

This is the easiest way to transfer files to nabi. These files don’t take up any of your internal memory space, which frees it up for apps. To transfer files to a MicroSD card, please follow these step-by-step instructions:

  1. Transfer the files from your computer onto your MicroSD card.

  2. Insert the MicroSD card into the MicroSD card slot located on the bottom of the tablet.

  3. Tap the "Music" app for music or the “Gallery” app for movies and photos. nabi will automatically detect the files.

  4. Select the file you want to play, and enjoy!

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