Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do before using nabi for the first time?

Before using nabi for the first time, we recommend charging your tablet for at least four hours. After the initial charge, you can re-charge the battery as needed.

To charge nabi, plug the tip of the USB charging cable into the nabi™ power charger port and plug the other end into the USB Power Adapter. Plug the USB Power Adapter into an electrical outlet. You will know that nabi is completely charged when the orange light on the charge indicator turns green.

The first time you turn on nabi, you will be greeted by the nabi™ Welcome screen. Before you set up your nabi, you can watch a video that briefly walks you through some of the newest nabi™ features.

Please note that an active Wi-Fi connection is not required to set up your nabi™ ID, but it is highly recommended.

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