nabi 2 Over-The-Air Software Update

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nabi 2 Nick Edition Over-The-Air Software Update v3.0

We’re pleased to announce the Over-The-Air (OTA) Update v3.0 for your nabi 2 Nickelodeon Edition including the all new nabi OS 3.0 “Blue Morpho”, which adds over 400 kid-focused, parent-approved features! Highlights below:


A World of Movies, Games, Music and More!

  • nabi Pass: One pass for everything they need - unlimited access to Wings learning system, apps, games, music previews, videos and books! Monthly subscription required after free trial.
  • nabi Radio: Stream over 8 million kid-friendly tracks, categorized by Chart Toppers, Pop, Teen Hollywood, and more. Monthly subscription required after free trial.
  • nabi Play and nabi Web: Top kid-friendly websites and videos where kids can create customized channels of their favorite content.
  • Speakaboos App: Get your child excited about reading with over 150 interactive stories focused around high interest topics to choose from.

Learning and Creativity

  • nabi Utilities Suite: Kids can learn to read and manage time, calendars, events and weather.
  • Dream Pro Studio Apps: A powerful suite of creative tools that teach kids how to draw, animate and author their own books like a pro!

Staying Connected

  • nabi Konnect: Connect with family and friends with kid-friendly and safe instant messaging, email and photo sharing apps.
  • nabi Security Administration (NSA): Parents can gain visibility into how their kids are using nabi Konnect and nabi Friends by showing their kids’ friends list, and the types of emails, instant messages and photos that are being shared.

Teaching Good Choices

  • nabi Wishlist: Give the perfect gift every time. Kids can choose from over 200,000 of their favorite toys to create a wish list, and share it with parents and other family members.
  • Treasure Box: Kids can now buy movies, music, and TV shows as well as games and apps through Treasure Box using nabi Coins!


  • Upgrade to Android 4.4 KitKat for faster multitasking, more responsive apps, and overall improved performance.
  • Ability to record and leave a personal video message using “Record Message” feature.
  • Easier navigation with new user interface featuring Featured, Browse, Watch and Learn folders. Kids can now find the following folders and apps in nabi Mode.
    • Featured: nabi Play, nabi Web
    • Browse: Maxthon Kid-Safe Browser, Fooz Kids Websites, Fooz Kids Crafts
    • Watch: Cartoon Network, Cookie Jar, Fooz Kids Videos
    • Learn: Fooz Kids English, Math, Science, Social Studies and Kno Textbooks

Important: You will need 1.2 GB free in order to perform this update.

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Note: To troubleshoot this, please perform a factory reset. A factory reset will return nabi® to its original factory settings and will systematically wipe all user data.
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