nabi Cares

What is nabi Compete?

Go head-to-head with friends or team up to reach goals together with nabi Compete™, the first competitive band for kids. nabi Compete™ makes health and nutrition competitive, social, rewarding and fun for kids! Learn about food burn and the concept of distance while competing against friends in Exploration or Food Burn Challenges.

Features & Benefits to Highlight

Game Modes:

Head 2 Head: Compete with friends and family in activity challenges.

Teamwork: Collaborate with friends and family to reach goals together

Go Points

: "Go Points" by being active, winning challenges, and completing goals together.


: Connect with friends and compete in fun challenges.


Collect and grow your virtual pet and use them for power boosts during challenges.


The nabi Compete band can be changed out for other colors and designs, making fitness fun and personal.

Navigating the App

  • Dashboard:

    Easily track your progress with reports of calories burned, steps taken, and distance traveled.
  • Challenge:

    Review and start new challenges with your friends.
  • Leaderboard:

    Travel along the U.S. map with your steps, and compare your progress with your friends.
  • Friends:

    View your friend list; send and accept friend requests.
  • Pets:

    Raise pets to gain boosts in your challenges.
  • Achievements:

    Review the achievements you’ve already earned and what’s required for your next medals.
  • Settings:

    Set up your device and personal profile.
  • Help:

    Get immediate in-app troubleshooting support and additional information about each feature.

nabi Compete FAQ

Can I pair more than one nabi Compete to my device at a time?

You can pair more than one nabi Compete for local challenges, but all progress will be linked to only one profile at a time.

My device isn’t pairing.

Unpair all other Bluetooth devices from your phone/tablet.

Try pairing your nabi Compete with another phone or tablet.

Replace the battery with a new battery.

Is my nabi Compete waterproof?

nabi Compete is water-resistant, but not waterproof. Do not submerge your nabi Compete in water.

Do I need to clean my nabi Compete?

You should regularly clean your nabi Compete with mild soap-free cleansers or water.

How Do I Register My Child for nabi™ Compete?

To register, a parent has to set up an account with their first and last name, an account password, and their email address. We will send you an email with a parent’s code requesting additional information we need to complete your child’s registration. The information we ask you to submit includes a child’s user name (make sure it’s a nickname and not a real name), birthdate, gender, height and weight. Please note that if you do not respond to the request within 48 hours, your registration information will be discarded. You will have to submit the information again to register. Check out our Privacy Statement for information on how we use the information we collect.

What is the nabi™ ID in nabi™ Compete?

Once you complete your child’s registration we will send you a welcome email with your nabi™ ID. Your nabi™ ID is a universal log in for all nabi™ services including nabi™ Pass, Club nabi™, Parental Dashboard, nabigator, and much more!

How do I add Friends?

To add a friend, click the [Plus Icon] on the top right corner of the Friends screen, and enter your friend’s nabi™ Friend Code to send a friend request. Then provide your own nabi™ Friend Code and wait until your friend accepts the request.

What is a Friend Code?

Instead of using real names, each nabi™ Compete user is given a designated set of characters to use as his/her nabi™ Friend Code. To connect with a friend, parents of both users have to have a valid nabi™ Compete account so that a child can obtain a nabi™ Friend Code.

Accepting a Friend Request

When you receive a nabi™ Compete friend request, you’ll notice “NEW” on your Navigation, next to Friends. Go to the Friends screen, tap the [Check icon] and enter your friend’s nabi™ Friend Code.

How Does a nabi™ Compete Friend Code Safeguard Your Child’s Privacy?

Your child’s nabi™ Compete Friend Code is displayed only on his/her device. It isn’t sent by email or text, so can’t be forwarded or shared online. To connect, both nabi™ Compete friends have to share their nabi™ Compete Friend Codes offline. That way kids are only connecting with people they know in real life!

What Information is Available to nabi™ Compete Friends?

Only anonymous information is shared between friends connected on nabi™ Compete, like the user name (nickname), step or calorie count, progress during challenge mode, and mood during challenge mode using pre-selected emoticons.

What are Go Points?

Go Points are rewarded when you sync your steps, or by winning challenges and achievements. They can be used to purchase new Pets, which you can grow, feed, walk and play with.

Note: Go Points are not rewarded for local challenges. Pets for Barbie coming soon.

What are Pets?

Pets are helpers that give you boosts during challenges. Each pet can only be used in one challenge at a time. You can purchase new pets using Go Points, feed them to level up or interact and play with them. You can also tap or press down on your pet to make it jump!

Leveling your pets will give you better boosts, and increase your chances of winning your challenges.